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School of Law

It was established at the era of Ismail in 1868. It was known at that time as School of Management and Languages, then school of Management was separated from school of languages in 1882. It remained as it is until July1886 when it became known as school of law. It was divided into two departments: primary and high; the primary department included the first two years; it aimed at graduating bailiffs and clerks of the court. The subjects of study were French language, translation, history, geography, Arabic handwriting, French handwriting, bookkeeping, judicial system, principles of pleading, and judicial procedures. The high department was three years of study. It aimed at graduating heads of clerks of courts, members of prosecution, and other clerks whom careers require legal culture. Subjects of that department were Arabic language, French language, Italian language, translation, history, Islamic Shariah, civil law, criminal law, law of pleadings, commercial law, and Romanian law.

The school had department of translation which consisted of one class to graduate translators needed for government jobs, however, that department was cancelled in 1887. Then, curriculum was modified in the following year and administrative law was added to study subjects.
In 1892, primary department was cancelled and many of non legal study subjects were removed from curricula, and legal subjects were increased. Graduates of school of law were given Bachelor Diploma of Law. At the same year, a department was established at the school to graduate police officers. Obtainers of primary stage joined that department where they studied law of sanctions and criminal investigation, soon this department was cancelled in 1901.

The English department was established at the school in 1899, and began to grow gradually, overshadowing the French department, until the study became in English in 1915. However, the Egyptian professors, who replaced the Englishmen throughout the war, played a great role in Arabizing the study at the school of law.
 In 1912, school of law was separated from Ministry of Education, and became subordinated to Ministry of Justice, then it returned again to the Ministry of Education in 1932.



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