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Since its establishment, no doubt the University of Cairo has been the pioneer in the development of science and the building of the knowledge economy. Since the opening of the Faculty of Science, it has been the first to establish a department of astronomy, space and meteorology, the oldest in Egypt, the Arab world and the African continent, and remained the only one for many years. In order to complete this pioneering role, the University worked hard to establish the aerospace engineering program at the Faculty of Engineering.

Space science and technology are no longer limited to specific countries. It is a clear fact that whoever owns space now, will own Earth in the near future. It is a question of the security of the homeland and its future.
After the dream came closer to the reality of establishing the Egyptian Space Agency, and in light of the efforts exerted by the University Agency for Community and Environment Affairs to contribute to the development of a national plan to promote the human element in the field of astronomy and space science, It has established the Center for Studies and Consultations of Space Science to achieve the aspirations of the State in the promising fields of space.
In addition to this important and pioneering role of the university, this center will serve as the university link and reflection on the society to provide studies and scientific research to cooperate with the competent authorities, headed by the Egyptian Space Agency, which will enable the university students and graduates in this field to use and invest the innovations and research they obtained during their studies, as well as a way to experience the reality of working in the field of research and development of space science.
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Leading in the field of space science studies and consulting
The message
The Center provides various studies and training of specialized cadres in the field of space science to contribute to the sustainable development of the university and the state.
1. Preparation of specialized studies in the field of space science and environment (joint projects locally or internationally)
2 - Training the competent cadres in this field (training courses)
3 - To hold protocols and memorandums of understanding in all areas of space and related disciplines with local and international specialized agencies.
4- Raising awareness of space problems (seminars, conferences, workshops)
5. An active contribution to the Egyptian space program as a center for research, development and innovation in the field of space science.
Proposal to form the Administrative Council: -
- President of the University and chairman of the council board
Prof. Mohamed Othman  El Khosht
-  Vice President of the university for Community Service and Environmental Development
Vice chairman 
Prof. Mohamed S. Abdelsadek
- Director of the Center 
Prof. Osama M. Shalabiea
- Professor of Astrophysics and Space physics 



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