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On-Campus Residences

Emergence of University Hostels and their Development
King Farouk laid the foundation stone on February 12, 1949. University hostels and playground occupy 46 acres of university land which overlooks Tharwat Street.
The first thought of constructing residence to the students of Cairo University has been issued from the university's committee, which was formed in 1917. It submitted a report of the implementation until Faculty of Arts activated the rental house for its students and housed students from the university for little pay-peer housing, food and amenities like the library and the telephone and so on. It appointed supervisor of students' affairs at the rental house.

On September 4, 1945 a decree has been issued to re-system the facility of university hostel. This decree has been replaced with another decree on Dec. 18, 1952, and amended by decision of the Council of Ministers issued on August 24 1955, the adoption of a regulation of the Social and disciplinary academic system of university students the article no.153 articles after it provide for provisions of university hostels. Then this regulation was cancelled with a decision of the President of the state on Dec. 23, 1956, issued by the executive regulations of regulating the Egyptian universities law ...

1- Conditions to be met hostel students

2- Rules of selecting students

3- Procedures for admission of students to the university

4- Stay Fees

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