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Gamaa Street

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Cairo University occupies a large batch of ground overlooking the River Nile. Great part of it is situated in Cairo Governorate, while another part of it and General Administration of Cairo University are situated in Giza Governorate.
Limits of the university campus in Giza; El Gamaa Street, El Gamaa Square, Teraat El Zomor Street, El Basatin Department subordinated to Ministry of Agriculture. The university campus includes the following buildings:
1.    General Administration.
2.    Grand Celebrations Hall.
3.    Guest Houses and Conferences Hall.
4.    Cairo University's Hospitals.
5.    Faculty of Arts.
6.    Cairo University's Hostels.
7.    Faculty of Law.
8.    Faculty of Economics and Political Science.
9.    Faculty of Mass Communication.
10.    Faculty of Archaeology.
11.    Faculty of Dar El-Ulum.
12.    African Studies and Research Institute.
13.    Faculty of Physiotherapy.
14.    Public Library.
15.    Cairo University's Press.
16.    Development and Technology Planning Center.
17.    National Institute of Laser Enhanced Sciences (NILES).
18.    Exams Central Hall.
19.    Cairo University Center for Reducing Environmental Risks.
20.    Institute of Educational Studies and Research.
21.    Museum.
22.    Central Library.
23.    New Central Library.


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