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Cairo University Ranked 420 among Best 500 Global Universities in Shanghai Ranking

Date :2017-05-28 12:46:01

The Chinese Shanghai Ranking ranked the best 500 global universities days ago. Cairo University comes in the 420th rank at the global level. The Chinese Shanghai Ranking issues a book on the best 500 universities around the world. The book preface presents words of appreciation for the achievements of Cairo University and its preservation of a distinctive position in the international ranking. Shanghai Ranking is the most prominent one at the global level. The book preface refers to the ability of Cairo University to keep its role in scientific research and presenting distinctive education and community service. Cairo University achieves this success although the number of its students amounts to 250, 000, 000 students.

Cairo University President Gaber Nassar, who receives a copy of the book, said that ،،the book allocated a page or two for each university among the 500 globally ranked universities. Cairo University has two pages in the book that handle its history that extends to more than 100 years and its progress in education development and contribution to scientific research and local community service. It is the only Egyptian university that comes among the best 500 universities all over the world. Cairo University kept its position in the ranking over 6 consecutive years until it occupied a distinctive ranking, as the book mentioned, in the last two years.,,

Cairo University Vice-President for Postgraduate Studies and Research Affairs Amr Adly pointed out that ،،Cairo University excelled, as mentioned in Shanghai Ranking book, over globally famous universities. These universities include Arkansas State University in the United States of America, TU Wien University in Austria, University of Essex in the United Kingdom, University of Bergen and Ludovic University in Germany.

Adly added that ،،this book issued by the famous Shanghai Ranking is an evidence on the good position of Cairo University in global universities ranking and the progress of its international ranking.,,


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