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Cairo University Council Approves New Bylaw for University Scientific Research Awards, Develops Non-Egyptian Distinctive Graduate Award

Date :2017-11-04 07:06:56

Cairo University Council, chaired by Prof. Dr. Mohamed Osman Elkhosht, decides in its meeting on Tuesday, October 31, 2017, to develop Cairo University award for non-Egyptian distinctive graduates who contributed to enriching scientific and practical life in their countries and at global level. The council develops Naguib Mahfouz Award for Ideological and Literary Creativity and gives priority to the award as an autonomous one among Cairo University awards.

Cairo University Council agrees on the new amendments of Cairo University Awards bylaw in 2017 which include changing scientific field name into natural field name, and confining the age range of Cairo University Promotion Awards applicants until 40 years old. The bylaw also limits the age range of Cairo University Achievement Awards to 50 years old. The winners of Cairo University awards should not apply to awards before the passage of 5 years at least since obtaining award to allow other applicants the opportunity.

Cairo University Council approves some amendments for the criteria of obtaining Cairo University award in scientific research including the connection between research and sustainable development.  

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Osman Elkhosht earlier announced the beginning of amending Cairo University awards criteria to link between scientific research and sustainable development issues that have direct influence on society, and speed up the criteria change to integrate between quantitative and qualitative criteria.

Cairo University Council decides to form a committee for scientific laboratories to the review, audit, and marketing of scientific device validity in Cairo University. The committee is inclusive of professors of engineering (biomedical engineering), computers and information, science, mass media, and laser institute. The committee follow up laboratories database to be available to researchers in Arabic and English. It develops a plan for marketing laboratory devices and using them by researchers whether at Cairo University or other universities.

Cairo University Council is informed of Supreme Council for Universities decree regarding the cancellation of open education in its old form and the approval of blended learning as professional (non-academic) certificate. Cairo University President Mohamed Osman Elkhosht pointed out that ،،Cairo University is competent for blended learning. It is the first university to have accreditation of blended B.Sc. of business science.,,

Cairo University Council decides to postpone mid-term exams at faculties applying this system for week. The council prevents congregational prayer at faculty and university yards and confines it to mosques.

Cairo University Council approves the 500, 000 EGP donation made by Community Service and Environmental Development Sector at Cairo University to help students unable to pay raised fees of hostel accommodation and subsistence.


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