Farouk the First University – Alexandria University

Academic education became popular in Egypt and Cairo University was not able to accommodate all applicants. Therefore, the need to expand academic education became urgent. At the beginning of each academic year, the government was insisting on the university to increase number of enrolled students, while the university was not able to meet this demand in order not to affect level of education badly. Therefore, planning to establish a branch for the university at Alexandria started. In 1938, the universitys council decided to establish two branches at Alexandria for faculties of Law and Arts. This was approved by Council of Ministers on 6/8/1938, and then a branch of Faculty of Engineering was established at Alexandria on 1941.
Ministry of Education prepared law project for University of Alexandria that was known as Farouk the First University in order to get benefit from Cairo Universitys experiences. Law no. 32 of year 1942 has been issued in 2/8/1942. As a result, Farouk the First University has been established at Alexandria. At the beginning, the university was composed of Faculties of Arts, Law, Medicine, Science, Engineering, Agriculture, and Commerce.
However, the responsibility of Cairo University did not stop as soon as Alexandria University has been established as an independent university. Cairo University provided Alexandria University with necessary experiences and cadres of staff members. Dr. Hekal Pasha, Minister of Education meanwhile, had an inclination to hire foreign professors in demanding positions until staff members of Alexandria University were equipped in Egypt and abroad. Thus, Cairo University was responsible to fill the gap in teaching staff.

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