Main Purviews:-

    * Expressing opinions in all matters that are related to employees' affairs; appointments, promotions, adjustments, transfers, vacations, sanctions, dues, and service termination.

    * Carrying out systems and bases related to employees' affairs; healthcare, social care, cultural care, and artistic care according to laws, regulations, implemented decisions, supervising implementation and directing its performance.

    * Proposing suggestions, instructions, and recommendations that lead to developing employees systems and civil service.

    * Joining administration of organization, working methods, administration of training, and workforce planning in preparing projects of job budgets and credits of wages and bonuses.

    * Preparing records of Committee of Employees Affairs according to provisions of law and implementing its resolutions.

    * Carrying out the instructions of Central System for Organization and Administration, Ministry of Finance, and public service affairs.

CU Staff - Facilities and Operations - Public Administration for individuals