1.Student must be from any governorate other than greater Cairo.
2.Students must be regular enrolled university students in BA or B.Sc. sections except expatriate students enrolled in cultural exchange or financial donation.
3.Students should not have been sentenced to any disciplinary sanction except the first three of article 126 of the executive regulation no. 49 of year 1972 in systemizing universities matter.
4.Students of any other universities hostels must not have been subjected to warning penalty of deprivation from stay in the previous year directly.
5.Students who stayed at hostels of any other university must not have been subjected to deprivation from stay.
6.Students must not have been subjected to ending their stay as a result of not paying the fees.
7.Students must be healthy.
8.Students must have paid all the fees of previous hostel stays.
9.Students must be unmarried with the exception of expatriate students.
10.Expatriate listener students are allowed and accepted.

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