Concerned with the following:- 


*  Establishing nurseries for kids of employees at the unit, and equipping nurseries with supervisors and employees needed to manage and operate it.


*  Working on establishing cooperative and consumer associations in place of work, this will be achieved in cooperation with concerned bodies of the state.


*  Working on offering means of transportation for employees to transfer them from and to their work.


*  Working on providing employees with medical care according to what is planned to be set up at every unit.


*  Spreading sports activities among employees and forming sport teams, providing them with trainers and supervisors, and organizing subscription and athletic competitions.


*  Facilitating subscription of employees in sport and culture clubs as well as vocational associations.


*  Organizing cultural seminars, holding cultural competitions among employees, and encouraging cultural and administrative production among them.


*  Organizing summer holidays for employees of the unit and organizing subscripting employees with reduced wages.


*  Organizing collaborative and recreational trips for employees and their families in vacations and leaves.


*  Facilitating visits of museums, monuments, and landmarks as well as getting them acquainted with progress in social, industrial, and agricultural fields.

CU Staff - Facilities and Operations - Administration of Employees Care