rand Celebrations Hall has been inaugurated at Cairo University on 1935. Its area is 3160 m2 surmounted by hemisphere-shaped cupola which has a group of windows in all directions to supply the hall with natural illumination.
In front of the main entry of the hall, there is a foyer distinguished with architecture like that of the hall. The foyer is the place where cultural seminars and artistic exhibitions of the cultural and artistic season of Cairo University are held. The hall includes the main hall, first floor, and second floor. It accommodates nearly four thousands spectators. The main hall includes a broadcasting room, and a translation room which is equipped with simultaneous translation and broadcasting. There is translation of foreign seven languages at the same time.
The main hall accommodates about 1099 spectators and includes 148 seats that are supplied with a simultaneous translation device in first rows. The first floor has the capacity to compromise 1269 spectators, and the second floor has the capacity to compromise 1264 seats. In the last decade, innovations have been added to the hall; the hall has been furnished with moquette and equipped with the most recent illuminating devices and central air conditioners.
 Preserving the distinctive geometrical and architectural design of the hall, have been taken into account. The hall is surmounted by Cairo University's slogan and gilded ornaments. The hall also includes a huge theatre 20 × 20 m2, it is supplied with necessary illuminating torches, and it extends to accommodate artistic shows that are presented at celebrations, patriotic occasions, and the cultural artistic season of Cairo University. There is orchestra hall below the theatre.
There are also two bannouras in the right and left side of the main hall whose accuracy and clarity of design were taken into account.

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