Procedures for admission of students to the university

1.Students should offer the an application prepared for that which include:
    a)Academic case data accredited from the university for student.
    b)Ensuring the payment of accommodation fees approved by the guarantor that works out.
    c)Certificate from Social Assurance Bureau of the original home of the student.
2.Stay request attached with 3 small photos of the student.
3.Stay requests are offered during August and a stay request is determined in the beginning of each year to consider the acceptance or rejection of the hostel administration and define the start and end of the application.
4.In case of not paying the fees of the hostel in the extent of ten days from the date of announcing the result, the student is considered waived his right in housing and the hostel may accept  or reject him if he applied a request In which he illustrates reasons that the administration accept, and the hostel have free places.
5.The student's stay ends by the end of his exams at the faculty. The student may, if he is resident throughout the year continued in residence during the summer holidays provided to submit an application accompanied by a certificate from the faculty of proving the existence of a systematic study during summer.

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