Princess Fatma Ismail (1853 – 1920) is one of Khedive Ismail's daughters. She married Prince Tosson ben Mohamed Said Pasha, alderman of Egypt, in 1871. She is distinguished with work love among her sisters. She was also keen on contributing in philanthropy, culture care, and science. Her son Prince Omar Tosson was the most

prince, among princes of Mohamed family, who has a demand for general work, patriotic movement, science care, encouraging scientists; this reflects that he was influenced by his mother, patron of science and culture. Therefore, when Princess Fatma was briefed on the difficulties experienced by the Egyptian University through her physician, Mohamed Olwey Pasha (member in the Council of the Egyptian University),

Princess Fatma took the initiative of dismissing the university from its financial crisis. Thus, she stopped area of agricultural land on the university until the proceeds were held on the university, ensuring by this a source of funding. She also donated precious jewelry to provide the university with urgent financial cash. Her generosity extended to give the university more land for the campus to be established in. She participated in laying the foundation stone of the university. She passed away before seeing the university built to form a lighthouse that emits knowledge on Egypt and the Arab World.

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