Holders of Honorary Doctorate from Cairo University (1910 – 2010)

Name Position Date
President Theodore Roosevelt USA President 08/03/1910
Professor Edward Hrio Former Professor of Wilson University 03/05/1928
King Fouad the First Egypt’s King 15/11/1928
Professor Delmas Professor at University of Montpellier 20/11/1928
Professor Auxerre Dean of Faculty of Medicine, University of Montpellier, France 27/11/1928
Professor Shovenz Manager of The Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) in Amsterdam, Netherlands 27/11/1928
Professor Kawamura Professor of Pathology, Bijan University, Japan Aventino 27/11/1928
Professor Anstas Professor at University of Athens 27/11/1928
Sir Koprbri Former Manager of London University 27/11/1928
Sir Robert Villette Professor of Chest Diseases at the University of Edinburgh 27/11/1928
Professor Natal Professor of Sociology, Cambridge University 27/11/1928
Professor Vaquez Professor of Paris University 27/11/1928
Professor Henry Frederick Professor of Physiology at Liebig University, Belgium 27/11/1928
Professor Klein Robert Koch Institute 27/11/1928
Col. Giovanni Gerksona Physician at the Italian Army 27/11/1928
Professor Volporn Professor of Parasitology in Hamburg, Germany 30/11/1928
Professor Janlpin Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Lyon 30/11/1928
Professor Billy Ashford Professor of Tropical Medicine and Fungi, Columbia Universit, at School of Tropical Medicine, Puerto Rico  30/11/1928
Sir Alduxtlana Professor of Tropical Medicine, Tiolan University, USA and Ross Institute, London 11/12/1928
Dr.\ Mohamed Tawfik Refaat Pasha House Speaker 24/01/1932
Dr.\ Ali Maher Pasha Minister of Justice 24/01/1932
Dr.\ Abdul-Aziz Fahmy Pasha Head of Court of Cassation 24/01/1932
Abdul-Hamid Badawy Pash The Registrar of Government Issues 24/01/1932
Professor Elite Smith Professor of Anatomy, London University 05/05/1932
Professor D.kapetan Professor of Civil Law, Paris University 05/05/1932
Professor D.chalwea Professor of Roman Law, Roma University 05/05/1932
Professor Jill Bourdais Professor at University of Brussels and Head of Pasteur Institute  25/06/1932
Victor Emmanuel III King of Italy 12/02/1933
Dr.\ Lacko Manager of Egyptian Monuments Administration, PhD. in Arachaeology 15/04/1936
Dr.\ H.b.Day Professor of Internal Diseases 18/06/1936
Professor Edward Lambert Manager of Comparative Law Institute, Lyon University 17/04/1937
King Farouk I King of Egypt 23/02/1939
Professor Pierre Laland A Member of the French Academy and Former Professor of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts 16/01/1940
Ahmed Lotfy Al-Sayed Pasha Former President of Cairo University, PhD. in Philosophy 04/05/1941
Dr.\ A. Bedford Professor of Internal Diseases, London University 12/06/1944
Dr.\ James McCauley Landis Minister of Economic Affairs at the Middle East and Dean of Faculty of Law, Harvard University 02/01/1945
Professor William Hawkins Wilson Former Professor of Physiology  27/05/1945
Dr.\ Ahmed Amin Bek Former Dean of Faculty of Arts 28/04/1948
Professor Douglas Dre Former Professor of Anatomy 01/02/1950
Dr.\ Walter Russell Breen Head of Royal College of Physicians at London 25/12/1950
Mohammed Abdulrahman Bahadrkhan Director of The University of the Punjab in Lahore 25/12/1950
Professor Omar Jalal Serk Director of Istanbul University 25/12/1950
Professor Juliude Lamorandber Dean of Faculty of Law, Paris University 25/12/1950
Professor Henry Gregoire Professor of University of Brussels 25/12/1950
Professor Jean Sarai Manager of Paris University 25/12/1950
Professor Louis Massignon Professor of France College 25/12/1950
Professor Tenoletman Professor at University of Tübingen 25/12/1950
Professor Giuseppe Cardinale Manager of Rome University 25/12/1950
Professor Emilio Garcia Professor at Madrid University 25/12/1950
Professor Copeland Honor Professor at Liverpool University 25/12/1950
Professor Jana Quivelier Teacher at Paris University, PhD. in Science 25/12/1950
Professor Charles Andrea Former Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University – PhD. in Engineering 25/12/1950
Professor Fortener Staus Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Zurich University – PhD. in Engineering 25/12/1950
Dr.\ Muhammad Musaddiq Iran’s Prime Minister 21/11/1951
Professor Mirkourosh PhD. in Engineering 10/03/1954
Dr.\ Mohamed Kamel Morsy Former President of Cairo University 22/12/1957
Mr.\ Kwame Ankroma President of Republic of Ghana 19/06/1958
Prince Nordom Sihanouk Cambodia 21/06/1959
President General Ibrahim Abboud President of Sudan 23/12/1959
King Mohammed V King of Morocco 13/01/1960
King Mohammed Zahir Shah King of Afghanistan 29/10/1960
Marshall Mohamed Ayub Khan President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan 09/11/1960
Engineer Wolfgang Belize PhD. in Engineering 03/12/1962
Dr.\ Zaker Hussein Vice President of the Republic of India 01/04/1963
President Habib Bourguiba President of the Republic of Tunisia 17/02/1965
Morocco's King Hassan II King of Morocco 14/03/1965
President Charle Helou President of the Republic of Lebanon 04/05/1965
President Edward Okhab President of the State’s Council at Polish People's Republic – PhD. in Science 27/11/1965
President Leopold Sedar Senghor President of the Republic of Senegal 16/02/1967
President Nyerere Mwalimu Julius President of the United Republic of Tanzania 10/04/1967
President Valery Giscard d'Estaing  President of France 10/12/1975
Dr.\ Michael Alasrdi Labaki Professor of Surgery, Louisiana State University, America 10/03/1976
Roufael Salas The Executive Manager of UN Fund for Population Activity 15/02/1979
Mr.\ Herman Eilts The Former American Ambassador in Cairo 02/01/1980
Mr.\ Francis Blanchard General Manager of International Labour Organization 21/11/1980
Dr.\ Ernest Fifer Professor of Internal Medicine and Endocrinology, University of Ulm, Germany 21/11/1981
President Mohammed Gaafar Nimeiry President of the Democratic Republic of Sudan 22/02/1982
Dr.\ Paul Edward Gray Massachusetts Institute of Technology – PhD. 08/01/1985
President Kenneth David Kaunda President of the Republic of Zambia 11/02/1985
President Sandro Britney President of the Republic of Italy 17/02/1985
President Abdou Diouf President of the Republic of Senegal 04/03/1985
Mr.\ Jesse Jackson The American Leader 08/07/1989
Mr.\ Naguib Mahfouz Egypt’s Great Writer 26/10/1989
Mr.\ Nelson Mandela African freedom fighter and President of South Africa 20/05/1990
Dr.\ Mohamed Nustafa El-Bradei International Atomic Energy Agency Director 01/07/2008
Dr.\ Anita Chavan Minister of Education and Scientific Research at Federal Republic of Germany 01/03/2009
Mrs.\ Suzan Mubarak Head of the National Center for Childhood and Motherhood 16/09/2010

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