1. Expatriates Reception Bureau has been allocated in The Arab Council, a building of historic nature, at Cairo University.
  2. Contacting with international bodies such as; US Aid Organization, The Binational Fulbright Commission in Egypt to achieve sharing with distinctive international universities as well as activating agreements and students exchange with those universities.
  3. Contacting with Egyptian Cultural Representation Bureaus all over the world to activate scientific cooperation and students exchange.
  4. Boosting means of cultural and scientific cooperation with Cultural Representation Bureaus of different states in Arab Republic of Egypt.
  5. Contacting with all relevant administrations inside the university to facilitate and direct procedures of receiving expatriates' papers, rapid revision of expatriates' papers, and issuing admission decisions and graduation certificates.
  6. Offering guidelines of different services (Therapeutic - cultural – recreational) available to students inside the university.
  7. Allocating stay buildings at the highest standards to expatriates at El Sheikh Zayed City.
  8. Organizing meetings to receive new expatriates to familiarize them with the university, as well as stimulating cultural conversation between different nationalities.
  9. Setting up integral electronic system that illustrates the bureau's goals, and activities, as well as replying to students' inquiries through the university's website. 

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