School of Veterinary Medicine

School of Veterinary Medicine was emerged in Rashid in 1827 then it was transferred to be beside the school of medicine at Abi Zaaabal in 1831. A hospital was established beside it, accommodating 110 horses, it was also including a pharmacy and a hall of anatomy and places for students and staff members' subsistence. In 1836, period of study in the school of veterinary medicine became five years that might have extended to six years. It also was transferred to Kasr El-Aini with the school of medicine, and its students spend the preparatory year at the school of medicine in a joint study of chemistry and biology    with students of medicine, and the study was in Arabic, thus, the lectures were delivered in French and translated into Arabic.

School of veterinary medicine was closed with other schools in the era of Abbas the first, and then it was restored for a short period in Ismail's era as a school annexed to El-Sawary school, then soon it was closed in 1881 because of a financial crisis. It remained closed until 1901when a decree was issued to establish a veterinary school at Cairo, to become subordinated to department of health at the Ministry of Interior. Period of study at the school was three years and then was increased to four years in 1905. In 1914, the school was annexed to Ministry of Agriculture, and then it joined Ministry of Education in 1923.

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