Founding the first school of agriculture dating back to 1823 at Shobra where the school started annexed to orchards of Pasha, then soon it was cancelled after two years of its establishment. In 1836, school of agriculture was established at Nebrowa, accommodating 200 students. It was transferred to Shobra in 1839, the first class was almost graduated, however, the government considered cancelling it, then they modified the idea and decided to reduce the number of its students to 25 students instead of 200 students, then it was closed in 1844.

In Ismail's era, the school of agriculture was reestablished in 1876; however, it disappeared before the end of its era in 1875 because of a financial crisis. It was reestablished again in 1890 in the era of British occupation. Those who had passed primary stage were allowed to join it. Starting by October 1911, the school became known as The High School of Agriculture.

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