Cairo University Launches Best Academic Staff and Assistants’ Websites Competition

Cairo University Launches Best Academic Staff and Assistants’ Websites Competition

Cairo University follows a policy for boosting and encouraging scientific research of the academic staff and assistants. The university is keen on providing information on the internet to contribute to ascending an advanced rank in the international ranking of universities.

Therefore, Cairo University has launched a competition for the best 10 websites for academic staff on the internet. It offers awards of merit and financial awards (2000 EGP for every website). This is included in the context of Cairo University’ celebration of scientific publication which is held every six months according to the following conditions and standards:

1.     The university website for academic staff and assistants, namely;  and any website outside this domain is excluded.

2.     Assessment Standards:

a.     The pages numbers that have more than 200 letters “as it can be archived by search engines”, half point for each page.

b.     The files numbers (half point for each file)

c.      The files size with MB “as the target is enriching the website and not increasing the files’ size”, with approximate half point for each Mega).

d.     The Visits number (half point for each 500 visit).

e.      Assessment Equation as the following:

I.            The total = (The pages numbers is more than 200 letter\ 2 + the files number\ 2 + MB number\ 2 + the visits numbers (for each 500 visits) \ 2)

II.            The points number = total \ 8

f.       Differentiation between those with equal points is according to the files numbers and the files size then the total number of pages then the visits numbers.

g.     The counted files uploaded to the university server

h.     The website will be evaluated by a responsible committee according to the following:

 i. The facility of browsing

  ii.    Aesthetics of coordination

  iii The number of other websites “from outside the university website” which add your website link.


·        Commercial or free programs should not be uploaded for protecting intellectual property rights, reference to the productive company website is enough.

·        Files should not be repeated except in case of extensions differnce "pdf, word, pps"

·        The personal websites are inseparable of the university website which is subject to global standards and continuous assessment. Repeated or wrong entries may lead to deleting the university website from global assessments or search engines. 

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Cairo University Launches Best Academic Staff and Assistants’ Websites Competition - Cairo University