Cairo University Council: Cairo University Embraces the Students Talented in Scientific Research

Cairo University Council: Cairo University Embraces the Students Talented in Scientific Research

On Monday, March 30, 2015, Cairo University Council has held its meeting, headed by Prof. Dr.\ Gaber Nassar, President of Cairo University, and attended by Prof. Dr.\ Sherif Hammad, Minister of Scientific Research, Dr.\ Khaled Zakariah El-Adly, Giza Governor, Prof. Dr.\ Mahmoud Saqr, President of Scientific Research Academy, and Dr.\ Farouk El-Oqda. The Council has initiated its meeting with congratulating Egypt as a government and people on the success of Arab Summit and return of Arab cooperation. It has also commended the success of the economic conference at Sharm Al-Sheikh.  

Cairo University Council has approved activating article 155 of Universities Organization Law concerning the conference policy of faculties. The council has confirmed the importance of linking scientific departments’ conferences to syllabuses and curriculum development, and linking faculties’ plans to society needs. The council has also asserted the importance of rooting the role of scientific departments in the educational and research process. It has also drawn up a strategy for measuring activation recommendations concerning the departments’ scientific conferences, and uploading the conferences recommendations to Cairo University Website, and considering this as a mechanism of University Leaderships Assessment as well.

The council has listened to a group of Faculty of Medicine’s students who published scientific research on blood pressure at the international level getting high rates. Being supervised by Prof. Dr.\ Soliman Gharieb, Professor of Cardiology, the students presented abstract for their research internationally published on blood pressure control rates.

The University Council has recommended the establishment of an entity that embraces the university students talented in scientific research for encouraging them in conducting international publication of their scientific research and developing their skills in this field. The council has decided forming a committee composed of Prof. Dr.\ Hussein Khaled, Former Minister of Higher Education, Prof. Dr.\ Gamal Essmat, Vice President of Cairo University for Graduate Studies and Research, and Prof. Dr.\ Soliman Gharieb, Professor of Cardiology and representative of those students, for developing a policy, visualizing mechanisms for developing their talents and encouraging student scientific research, and discovering other talented students as well. This leads to activating scientific research culture for students.

Professor Nassar has decided awarding students of Faculty of Medicine who contributed to scientific research internationally published. He also decided guaranteeing equality for students and employees who internationally publish research in the name of Cairo University through the bylaw of international publication award applied to academic staff. Cairo University Council discussed preparing for a seminar on scientific research strategy in Egypt and the modern frameworks of utilizing it in cooperation with Ministry of scientific research. 

Cairo University Council has approved the main bylaw of Cairo University Innovation Support Office (CUSIO) and establishing a center for Folkloric Heritage Studies, as well as establishing a center for Legal Translation at Faculty of Law. The council has approved cooperation protocol between Cairo University and Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt. It also approved memorandum of understanding between Cairo University and National Academy for Research & Development, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in fields of research and training programs. The council has approved establishing award in the name of Prof. Dr.\ Ahmed Abdul-Wahab El-Ghandour, Former Dean of Faculty of Law, with 30,000 EGPs for buying investment certificate which annual earnings are earmarked for the student who gets the highest mark in International Economy Subject.

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Cairo University Council: Cairo University Embraces the Students Talented in Scientific Research - Cairo University