Prof. Dr.\ Gaber Nassar: Cairo University Spares no Efforts in Meeting All the Needs of Giza Governorate Schools

Prof. Dr.\ Gaber Nassar: Cairo University Spares no Efforts in Meeting All the Needs of Giza Governorate Schools

Cairo University has organized a celebration for submitting first batch of school disks manufactured at productive workshops at Faculty of Agriculture. The school disks batch has been presented to Giza Governorate schools, in the framework of Cairo University’s societal role and its participation in boosting education at Giza Governorate. The celebration has been witnessed by Mr.\ Moheb Mahmoud El-Rafei, Minister of Education, Dr.\ Khaled Zakariah El-Adly, Giza Governor, and Dr.\ Gaber Nassar, President of Cairo University, on Tuesday, March 31, 2015, at 11 a.m., Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University.

Dr.\ Gaber Nassar, President of Cairo University, has illustrated in a speech the importance of the societal role played by the university for the sake of serving community. He pointed out that this initiative is considered the first in solving education problems at Egypt. He mentioned that Cairo University is one of the biggest productive universities, as it has the experience that enables it to offer services that benefit the Egyptian society as a whole.

Nassar has confirmed that the university is ready to open all its gates to meet all what is required from it. It will fulfill the requirements and needs of Giza School through submitting another batch of school disks which will be manufactured soon.

He illustrated that the university is considering the preparation of student convoys at faculties of agriculture, engineering and fine arts to work on maintenance and adornment of schools and converting it into attractive places for students. He pointed out the importance of preparing a central laboratory, to be equipped with all modern means of technology, for training school students. He also mentioned that the university is considering training approximately 5, 000 young men from Giza Governorate to deal with small industries, which qualifies them for the field of free work in future.

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