The Project of Forming a Network of Research Coordinators among Faculties is adopted by Cairo University

The Project of Forming a Network of Research Coordinators among Faculties is adopted by Cairo University

The Research Administration – Cairo University, headed by Prof. Dr. Gamal Essmat, the Vice President of Cairo University for Post-Graduate Studies and Research Affairs, adopted the project of forming a network of research coordinators at all the faculties of Cairo University.

The project aims at training and preparing a group of young staff members at the different departments of faculties to form a network that supports communication with the objective of conducting joint research and helping researchers conduct their researches in the framework of a research plan for the university, faculty and department. These staff members are going to have a role in the technical support of their researcher colleagues in case they need help; such as, rephrasing research question, elaborating research design, or even in scientific writing and publication.

Based on this, The Research Administration – Cairo University started to search for a training program for these research coordinators to prepare them for their futuristic mission. Accordingly, Medical Education Development Center (MEDC), Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, prepared a program especially for this, and it was shown to the committee formed, under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Gamal Essmat, for selecting the most suitable program. The committee had studied the program and, after two months, The Research Administration – Cairo University sent the names of the first group of the research coordinators.

The first group was from the faculties of the medical sector, including staff members from Faculties of Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing and Physical Therapy. The group included professors, assistant professors and teachers. They were full of enthusiasm, passion and interest in learning, spreading science and helping others to serve the university and scientific research.

The program started on August 10, 2015, and continued for 12 weeks on average one day per week, and Monday of every week was selected a fixed date for this.

The program was designed not only for imparting necessary knowledge to trainees, but for also providing them with necessary skills through examples, exercises and discussions. The training was conducted by the selected group of expert medicine professors who have international publications, assisted by professors of other faculties of the university.

The program ended on November 2, 2015, and a small party was held in the presence of prof. Dr. Gamal Essmat who submitted graduation certificates to the research coordinators who attended the first program of research coordinators. Their number is 14 coordinators, and they are:

1.      Dr. Doaa Ibrahim Amin Ali (Faculty of Physical Therapy)

2.      Dr. Alyaa Mohamed Rihan Mohamed (Faculty of Physical Therapy)

3.      Dr. Dalia Mohamed Mohamed Mosaad (Faculty of Physical Therapy)

4.      Dr. Heba Gaber Abdul-Aziz (Faculty of Physical Therapy)

5.      Dr. Salah el-Din Basset Ahmed el-Sayed (Faculty of Physical Therapy)

6.      Dr. Mohamed Khaled Mohamed Abdul-Rahman (Faculty of Pharmacy)

7.      Dr. Suzan Mohamed Mohamed Mansour (Faculty of Pharmacy)

8.      Dr. Mustafa Ibrahim Fekry (Faculty of Pharmacy)

9.      Dr. Peter Amin Halim Abdul-Malek (Faculty of Pharmacy)

10.  Dr. Aml Gomaa Abdul-Nabi Mustafa (Faculty of Nursing)

11.   Dr. Nermin Adel Abdul-Ghaffar Keshk (Faculty of Medicine)

12.   Dr. Ahmed Serag el-Din el-Sayed el-Helfawy (Faculty of Medicine)

13.   Dr. Rasha Mohamed Tawfik (Faculty of Medicine)

14.   Dr. Ahmed Adel Mohamed (Faculty of Medicine)

Prof. Dr. Gamal Essmat also spoke with them and indicated to them their important futuristic role. He also listened to their wishes and comments.

The research coordinators commended the program, pointing out that they amazingly benefitted from it, and this was shown in the evaluation application they filled following the conclusion of the program. The coordinators asked Prof. Dr. Gamal Essmat for more training, demanding that the university support them in studying for the scientific research certificate that is held by Medical Education Development Center (MEDC), for the first time in the history of the Egyptian Universities. Prof. Dr. Gamal Essmat gave his primary consent for studying this project.

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The Project of Forming a Network of Research Coordinators among Faculties is adopted by Cairo University - Cairo University