Cairo University President Gaber Nassar in Second University Presidents Forum: Most Modern Global Systems are a Must to Guarantee Education Quality and Accreditation

Cairo University President Gaber Nassar in Second University Presidents Forum: Most Modern Global Systems are a Must to Guarantee Education Quality and Accreditation

Prof. Dr. Gaber Nassar, Cairo University President, confirmed that any strategic plan for future should give education priority and take social, developmental and demographic dimensions into consideration at the level of the whole Arab World and each country. It should also consider international variables, as our society is not in isolation from the world which became a small universal village.

Nassar added that national challenge now is development and security achievement. Challenge increases before our eyes especially with the dangerous situation which refers to high illiteracy rate in our country despite the passage of more than seventy five years since publishing ،،The Future of Culture in Egypt,, by Taha Hussein in year 1938.

This was said in his speech at the second forum for university presidents on the fringe of World Government Summit 2016 convened at Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which is considered the largest government cluster in participation with 3000 figures from 125 states to discuss shaping future governments by enhancing innovative practices in the governmental and private sectors and launching initiatives at many governmental services.

Cairo University President pointed out that challenges can never be just by wishing, but by a clear vision of education and scientific research future and a new thought that reflects a new philosophy for education based on developing research project design, state cases search and needs identification. He confirmed that ،،application,, is a new science feature, it is called in the language of economy ،،quick return,,.  He confirmed the importance of the regulation and teaching system development so as not to put students under the stress of scientific subject to the extent with which they cannot think in subjects at distance. He also clarified the importance of different educational patterns and methods.

Nassar pointed out the importance of activating single general law for education and an accurate clear single executive regulation that represents a general governor umbrella. This is in condition that it allows at the same time special regulations for educational institutions and universities that show independent character to each of them in the framework of its strategic goals. The regulations should also make educational institutions and universities appear as scientific economic institutions that have the full academic, administrative and financial freedom in a framework of transparency and societal questioning. This is going to be conducted by acting perspectives that determine the roles and responsibilities of the governing authorities at Higher Education Administration and creating entities able to manage the system in a modern way that efficiently achieves the strategic plan goals. This is in condition that faculties and educational entities have internal regulations that allow self-management and decentralization to get rid of chronic bureaucracy that represents one of the most important problems in our country, ensuring flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness to education system.

Cairo University President proceeded that the most modern global systems should be applied to guarantee quality and accreditation of education, performance evaluation and academic standard application. He added that this should be inseparable from allowing a larger area for continuous and regular revision of educational content and the size of scientific dozes that students receive. Additionally, it is important to re-develop assessment methods, exam questions to test skills and methods of thinking, and education outputs on the basis of results instead of only focusing on the education process. Besides, depending on multiple-choice questions to minimize human factor and achieve neutrality in assessment and correction.

He referred to the importance of evaluation methods that are based on electronic methods in conducting exams and correcting them to reduce teaching load and achieve speed and justice at a large scale. Objective evaluation is the fulcrum of moving towards a better future without which there could never be any meaning for development.

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Cairo University President Gaber Nassar in Second University Presidents Forum: Most Modern Global Systems are a Must to Guarantee Education Quality and Accreditation - Cairo University