Cairo University Launches ،،Read,, Competition among Its Students, Awards Up to 100, 000 EGPs

Cairo University Launches ،،Read,, Competition among Its Students, Awards Up to 100, 000 EGPs

Sponsored by Prof. Dr. Gaber Nassar, Cairo University President, the University announced starting the cultural competition, entitled ،،Read,, for its students. According to Prof. Dr. Gaber Nassar, the competition, which the university announced opening application for among students, aims at activating the enlightening role of the university among students by encouraging them to read with thinking and analyzing, whether by presenting their points of view on the books they read or by presenting a summary of them. He pointed out that the university earmarked monetary awards reaching 100, 000 EGPs for students.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Osman El-Khosht, Cairo University Vice-President for Education and Student Affairs, said that ،،Read,, competition revolves around two tracks; one is for both B.Sc. and B.A students and the other is for post-graduate students. He pointed out that the competition is represented in selecting, by the assistance of specialists, a number of books, which students apply for choosing one of them to read, think about, and present their points of view on their contents, whether with agreement or disagreement. Each competitor is required to make a presentation or summary on the book he/she read in front of the arbitration committee, which consists of specialists.

El-Khosht added that three books, which represent several stages in the history of the enlightening thought in Egypt and the Arab region, have been chosen for the competition. These books were concerned with the issue of renaissance, reform, sending a message to society with openness to the human heritage and bridging the gap with the West. The books are (The Future of Culture in Egypt), by Taha Hussein, (Islam and the Foundations of Governance), by Ali Abdel Raziq, and (Our Decline: Its Causes and Remedies), by Shakib Arslan. El-Khosht clarified that the competition is available for all students, and students can receive CD that contains the book they choose from Youth Care Administration at the university or their faculty. After reading the book, student should present a summary on the book content with a critical view in not less than twenty pages. The researches of students are to be submitted until the deadline in June 2016. After that, the competition scientific committee and the arbitration committee, composed of specialized professors, will announce the winners of the best presentation in the competition. 

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Cairo University Launches ،،Read,, Competition among Its Students, Awards Up to 100, 000 EGPs - Cairo University