OU – CU Offers Registration, Scientific Materials to Learners Seven Days a Week

OU – CU Offers Registration, Scientific Materials to Learners Seven Days a Week

Open Education Center – Cairo University (OU-CU) announced the availability of registration and receiving scientific books and products, seven days a week, during the registration period of learners. The service is continuing even on Friday and Saturday to make it easier for them, especially learners from regions and employees, as learner Affairs Hall witnesses overcrowd during the periods of registration at different academic programs. 

Prof. Dr. Gaber Nassar, Cairo University President, urged to develop the services presented to learners at OU-CU and make registration and scientific product receiving available seven days a week during academic program registration. Nassar also urged to make all services easily attainable to learners, and called for implementing the resolution of Supreme Council of Universities, which provides for not accepting new learners this term.  

Regarding the grievances of some learners over their exam results and their grievances over the sanctions taken against them because of cheating minutes, Prof. Dr. Sayed Tag-Eldin, The Director of OU-CU , said that Cairo University President assigned Legal Affairs Administration – CU to take all legal procedures. This with taking into consideration applying true law, making sure the learners obtain their legal rights without discrimination, and confirming that an aggrieved student is not harmed by his or her grievance.

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OU – CU Offers Registration, Scientific Materials to Learners Seven Days a Week - Cairo University