Cairo University Launches ،،Common Human Moral Values among Peoples,, Curricula Preparation Contest

Cairo University Launches ،،Common Human Moral Values among Peoples,, Curricula Preparation Contest

Cairo University decided to launch a contest among thinkers, university professors and specialists for preparing a book on ،،Common Human Moral Values among Peoples,, to be a curricula for the university students, and a graduation prerequisite at all the faculties and institutes of the university. This was approved earlier by Cairo University Dean Council and discussed in the last meeting of the University Council.


Prof. Dr. Gaber Nassar, Cairo University President, said that the curricula aims at increasing general awareness of human rights, gender equality, cultural diversity, encouraging diversity tolerance, preserving environment. Moreover, it aims at appreciating the contributions of different cultures, enhancing the positive attitude towards the Other, encouraging dialog among cultures. The curricula also aims at helping students to form a critical understanding for their cultural identities in globalization age and providing them with the skills and trends of recognizing links and interaction between religions and human heritage.

Cairo University President added that the curricula contains a range of themes, including moral values as a concept, human values like human interaction, human dignity, human rights, civilization dialogue, dialog culture, and common values among religions. Furthermore, the curricula themes include social values like the concepts of freedom, respecting the Other, social responsibility, group work, equality, heritage appreciation, respecting society organizations. It also includes personal values such as self-confidence, the ability to make a decision, tolerance and neutrality. Another theme is work ethics such as diligence, seriousness, time estimation, integrity and decision-making.

Nassar pointed out that the course specification, which is going to be launched in a contest among thinkers, university professors, and specialists to prepare, will consider reflecting modern global scientific trends in its topics. In addition, it will consider teaching its topics in more than one academic level, putting the scientific and technical information accuracy between scientific information and theoretical applications. It will also consider encouraging learners to learn themselves and search.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Osman El-Khosht, Cairo University Vice-President for Education and Student Affairs, said that the course specification is going to include references that enable students to acquire more information. These references include other learning resources, practical situations and easy scientific material presentation in order for the course to become the axis of educational activities that embody values and behaviors practiced inside the university campus.

El-Khosht pointed out that the university earmarked 100,000 EGPs for first winner, 70,000 EGPs for second winner, 50, 000 EGPs for third winner and 25, 000 EGPs for fourth winner, and the scientific material is going to be possessed by the university after its preparation. He added that the course is going to be taught only once for all students through an electronic curricula to be allowed for students.

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Cairo University Launches ،،Common Human Moral Values among Peoples,, Curricula Preparation Contest - Cairo University