Cairo University Raises Tourism-Marketing Research Topic for Fangary Endowment Competition

Cairo University Raises Tourism-Marketing Research Topic for Fangary Endowment Competition

Supreme Committee for El-Fangary Endowment Competition for Community Service Studies and Research at Cairo University decided to raise the tourism-marketing topic at Egypt as a research issue for El-Fangary competition 2016. The topic is entitled ،،Towards Tourism-Marketing at Egypt and the Culture of Dealing with Tourist,, . The committee earmarked EGPs 25, 000 for the first award, EGPs 15, 000 for the second award and EGPs 10, 000 for the third award. Moreover, subsequent winners are going to be offered 15 incentive awards of EGPs 1, 000 for each. The deadline of presenting researches is by the end of August 2016.

Cairo University President Gaber Nassar said that the role of scientific research is important in finding practical solutions for some problems that face Egyptian society in various development fields. Prof. Dr. Gaber Nassar pointed out that El-Fangary Competition for Community Service Research and Studies is annually financed by Cairo University. The University finances the competition by the charitable endowment of the late Doctor Councilor Mohamed Shawky El-Fangary for the best researches and studies for issues of importance to Egyptian Society. The competition is one of scientific research tools for community service and environment development sector at Cairo University in development field.

Vice-President for Community Service and Environment Development Said Daw said that the tourism-marketing topic requires serious research papers and studies that create practical perceptions of how to solve this problem within a specific duration. Those researches and studies are reliable in the framework of promoting tourism at Egypt. The research should be prepared particularly for the competition. Prof. Dr. Said Daw pointed out that El-Fangary Endowment Research Competition is held annually at Cairo University for discussing specific developmental issues. The prizes of the competition are awarded from the revenue of the charitable endowment, and are available to all researchers at Egypt.

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Cairo University Raises Tourism-Marketing Research Topic for Fangary Endowment Competition - Cairo University