Cairo University Hospitals Received 1, 127, 000 Patients at Outpatient Clinics, Performed 71, 000 Surgeries in 2015

Cairo University Hospitals Received 1, 127, 000 Patients at Outpatient Clinics, Performed 71, 000 Surgeries in 2015

The annual report of Cairo University hospitals performance in 2015, prepared by The Medical Statistics and Records of Cairo University Hospitals, revealed the quantity of medical and therapeutic services offered to patients during the period from 1/1/2015 until 31/12/2015. The report includes detailed data on the number of beds, work forces and the distribution of patients at reception and emergency units, outpatient clinics and interior departments. Moreover, the report covers the efficiency indicators of various departments at each hospital of Cairo University hospitals throughout the period included in the report. The annual report stated the number of beds at Cairo University hospitals reached 3, 842 beds distributed among Al-Manial University Hospital and Cairo University Children Hospital (Japanese). Beds were also distributed among Abul Rish University Pediatrics Hospital, Emergency, Gynecology and Obstetrics and Internal Medicine hospitals, Oncology Center, and Renal Insufficiency Treatment Center. Furthermore, other hospitals received beds, such as, Critical Medicine Center, Kasr Al-Ainy Center for Kidney Diseases, National Center for Clinical and Environmental Toxicology and Operations Care Unit at Al-Manial University Hospital.

Prof. Dr. Gaber Nassar said that the report of Cairo University hospitals performance in 2015 showed that the number of people who frequented outpatient clinics at Cairo University hospitals in 2015 reached 1,127,000 patients. Most of Cairo University outpatient clinics frequenters were at the outpatient clinics of Al-Manial University Hospital hit 522, 225 patients. The patients who frequented outpatient clinics of Abul Rish University Pediatrics Hospital reached 232, 483 people, followed by Cairo University Children Hospital (Japanese) where they reached 109, 279 patients.

The report indicates that the numbers of patients who reserved spaces at interior departments to receive treatment at all the hospitals of Cairo University in 2015 hit 230, 893 patients with 19, 241 patients per month. The patients who frequented interior departments of Gynecology and Obstetrics Hospital reached 33, 300 patients and those who reserved interior departments at Al-Manial University Hospital were 23, 233 patients. Frequenters of Cairo University Children Hospital (Japanese) hit 23, 62 patients. The report also revealed that the majority of Cairo University hospitals frequenters counted 233,000 patients from Giza Governorate and followed in rate by 132, 338 patients from Cairo Governorate. Whereas frequenters reached 17, 000 patients from Qalyubia Governorate and 14, 000 patients from Fayoum Governorate.

The report stated that surgeries performed at Cairo University hospitals in 2015 hit 71, 253 surgeries and surgical telescopes at all the hospitals. The rate of surgeries performed at Al-Manial University Hospital was 40% of operations amount.

Cairo University hospitals performed 346, 555 normal rays, 94, 293 rays by sound waves, 96, 458 transactional rays, 14, 506 rays by magnetic resonance and 23, 733 rays by telescope. The university hospitals performed 843, 481 laboratory analyses in 2015.

Cairo University President said that there is a comprehensive plan for developing Cairo University hospitals which are the most ancient educational and therapeutic hospitals at Middle East. He added that the state is keen on developing university hospitals system especially Kasr Al-Ainy to provide citizens with the best free medical services. The University president pointed out that the report reflects the amount of therapeutic services offered to all citizens of Egypt.

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Cairo University Hospitals Received 1, 127, 000 Patients at Outpatient Clinics, Performed 71, 000 Surgeries in 2015 - Cairo University