Cairo University Incubates AJG in Cooperation with Elsevier International Publisher

Cairo University Incubates AJG in Cooperation with Elsevier International Publisher

Arab Journal of Gastroenterology (AJG), a medical journal incubated by Cairo University, celebrated its indexation in THOMSON REUTERS for having impact factors. AJG is the top scientific medical journal in Egypt since it has impact factors for publishing advanced medical researches related to digestive system, and Elsevier is its international publisher. The journal succeeded in attracting important scientific articles written by researchers from all over the world, including USA, Canada, Japan and many European countries, as well as articles written by senior researchers from the Arab African region. The editor-in-chief of the journal is Dr. Abdel-Majid Qassem, Professor of Medicine at Kasr Al-Ainy Medical School and the Director of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy and Liver Unit. He is the one who suggested the enlistment of the medical journal in most of the international scientific indexation.

Abdel-Majid added that the new volume of the journal consists of a scientific study conducted at Kasr Al-Ainy Medical School by research group headed by Dr. Ayman Youssry Abdel-Rahim. The study is concerned with the measurement of liver fibrosis levels by Fibroscan technique and Abri factor. The research articles index of the journal contains the most read articles at the international level. The study was conducted by Kasr Al-Ainy Medical School by a research group headed by Dr. Gamal Essmat, Professor of Liver Viruses at Kasr Al-Ainy Medical School, on the relations between liver enzyme levels in blood and physiological changes in liver samples of Hepatitis C infection cases.

Cairo University President said that enlisting a research journal incubated by Cairo University in international research indexes adds to the good name of Cairo University scientific research system. The journal publishes advanced researches in medicine for either foreign scholars or Egyptian ones and contains notable researches conducted by senior professors of Kasr Al-Ainy Medical School. Cairo University President added that since Cairo University has an international scientific journal, it seeks integrating further international existence in research journals by establishing international journal in human sciences in English.

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Cairo University Incubates AJG in Cooperation with Elsevier International Publisher - Cairo University