Cairo University Council Approves Academic Staff Members Application to New Applied Research Projects, Thabit Thabit Bylaw for Endemic Diseases

Cairo University Council Approves Academic Staff Members Application to New Applied Research Projects, Thabit Thabit Bylaw for Endemic Diseases

 Cairo University Council, headed by Prof. Dr. Gaber Nassar, reviews exam work and results announcement at faculties. The council urges announcing results consecutively after the end of exams provided that all results are announced before mid-July.

The council approves the financial and administrative bylaw for Thabit Thabit Hospital for Internal and Endemic Diseases, affiliated to Cairo University. The bylaw includes performing the duty of the hospital in implementing the policy of Kasr Al Aini Faculty of Medicine in education, training and scientific research. It also involves working on creating a generation trained on medical service, hospitals management, and providing potentials necessary to contagious and endemic diseases.

The council approves allowing the opportunity of staff member application to new research proposals in combating endemic diseases, interdisciplinary research, providing nutritional needs, developing slums, alternative energy, water treatment, research and social projects of national dimension, and innovative projects. These new research proposals are included among applied research projects financed by the university within the frame of its current research plan.

The university council congratulates academic staff members for winning state awards (scientific research academy) for 2016. They amount to 12 professors in different scientific fields. The council also congratulates Faculty of Dar Al-Ulum, Cairo University, for being accredited by the national authority for quality assurance. The number of faculties that got quality and accreditation are 16 faculties so far. The council acclaims the achievement made by Faculty of Dar Al-Ulum although it encompasses large numbers of students.

The council is informed of the donation presented by the National Egyptian Bank of EGP 3, 000, 000 as an initiative for paying the study fees of unable students. The council approves paying study fees of some unable students of special programs. The university council enunciates the importance of the university role in helping students and estimating their social statuses.

Cairo University President Gaber Nassar said that ،،the development occurred to the university throughout the previous four years on the practical, educational, research, administrative levels is a collaborative effort that turns back to the council, professors and employees of the university.,, Nassar urges continuing development, preserving the achievements made and completing current files.

The council is informed of current projects at the university including the Olympic swimming pool, at the university playgrounds, which is designed according to global standards. The council is also informed of the major publishing house of Cairo University.

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