Cairo University Deans Council Discusses Final Arrangements for New Academic Year 2017/2018

Cairo University Deans Council Discusses Final Arrangements for New Academic Year 2017/2018

Cairo University Deans Council holds a meeting on Monday, September 11, 2017, headed by Cairo University President Mohamed Osman Elkhosht. The council discusses the arrangements of study and students reception in the new academic year 2017/2018 which is to start on Saturday, September 16, 2017.

Cairo University President initiates the meeting with congratulating faculties deans, academic staff members, employees, and students for the beginning of the new academic year. Cairo University President urges faculties to finish the lectures schedules preparation for each study grade, and equip study halls and laboratories for study and educational process from the first day. He also suggests finishing the students distribution on sections and departments, issuing university IDs for students, finishing transfers results, and enrollment transfers between faculties until students are regular in study.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Elkhosht is assured of accommodating students at Cairo University hostels from the first day of study according to a specific schedule, and announcing it for students. He recommends providing sound environmental specifications at hostels and providing places and necessary care to students with special needs. He suggests that they activate electronic program regarding registering and accommodating students at hostels.

Cairo University President refers to the importance of preparing students activities and announcing them to students, the existence of professors among students, and coming closer to them. He enunciates the importance of activating the cultural and artistic season plan at each faculty and at the university level to guarantee cultural and artistic seminars and activities that promote public taste.

Cairo University President illustrates the importance of the role played by youth care administrations at each faculty and at the university level in working with students and providing them with the activities that suit them and meet their needs.

Cairo University Deans Council reviews the university plan in receiving new students, celebrating them and acquainting them with the study system and university facilities. This is to be pursued by the awareness week organized by new students on the occasion of the beginning of the new study year. The awareness week activities are held during the period from September 17 to September 21, 2017, at Grand Celebration Hall and Cairo University playgrounds. It is aimed at acquainting new students with their university, its history and facilities in participation with previously enrolled students. There is also reception celebration for newly and previously enrolled students held by the university over three days. The reception celebration includes different social, artistic, and sport activities.

Cairo University Deans Council discusses works of renewals and maintenance at the university buildings. It also tackles the work of Central Social Solidarity Fund of Cairo University and activating its role in helping unable students.

Prof. Dr. Elkhosht urges banning partisan and sectarian work inside Cairo University. He pointed out that ،،There is no discrimination in the university which is home for all Egyptians and political awareness which prevails over all conflicts.,,

Cairo University Deans Council decides forming a committee for issuing a general guidebook for examinations work and rules in faculties. The council is informed about increase in entrant expatriate students at Cairo University faculties especially in distinguished programs. The council recommends caring about the expatriate students file and attracting them to study programs at Cairo University.

Cairo University Deans Council discusses a plan for safety and protection works at the campus in the new academic year concerning individuals and cars entering Cairo University campus. The plan also includes increase in administrative security personnel at gates and cameras system maintenance.

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Cairo University Deans Council Discusses Final Arrangements for New Academic Year 2017/2018 - Cairo University