Cairo University Senate Discusses First Term Exam Arrangements

Cairo University Senate Discusses First Term Exam Arrangements

 Elkhosht: Student Elections Conducted Freely and Transparently by Treating all Students Fairly

Cairo University Senate, chaired by Cairo University President Mohamed Osman Elkhosht, discusses all first term exam arrangements in the academic year 2017/2018 including assuring that faculties are committed to exam specifications in terms of form and content. Faculties are urged to adhere to Bubble Sheet system in exams and adding problem-solving question to exam so that students learn scientific thinking in solving any problem. Subject professors are responsible for posing exam by themselves. They should print exams on the day of examination and prevent using any device that may exchange or save exams. The senate urges announcing faculty exam schedules and their timing and places two weeks before exams. Faculties should abide by time factor so that all of them finishes exams on January 18 at maximum and before mid-year vacation.

Cairo University Senate reviews the university preparations for carrying out electoral procedures of student unions according to student bylaw including sending daily report on student elections work to Cairo University President during its conduction. Cairo University President Mohamed Osman Elkhosht pointed out that the university is keen on conducting student elections in the framework of freedom, transparency, and respecting university traditions by students. He illustrated that Cairo University treats all its students fairly and allow them the opportunity for free competition within a sound democratic framework. He said that Cairo University will provide fair competitive environment for student elections to enable students to choose their representatives in student unions by freewill.

Cairo University Senate urges students not to use partisan, religious, or sectarian slogans in student elections.

Cairo University Senate earlier initiated its work by a minute of silence in mourning for Rawda Mosque martyrs at Arish. The senate emphasizes the solidarity of Cairo University with Egyptian state and people in facing any attempt for jeopardizing State security.

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Cairo University Senate Discusses First Term Exam Arrangements - Cairo University