Elkhosht Opens Conference on Development of Clinical Nursing Competencies in Cooperation with Bob Jones University

Elkhosht Opens Conference on Development of Clinical Nursing Competencies in Cooperation with Bob Jones University

 noFaculty of Nursing at Cairo University organizes the fifth international conference sponsored by Cairo University President Mohamed Osman Elkhosht and Cairo University Vice-President for Postgraduate Studies and Research Amr Adly on Tuesday and Wednesday 19-20, December, 2017. The conference is held in cooperation with Bob Jones University at the United States. It is entitled ،Development of Clinical Nursing Competencies: Achievements and Horizons.,

Cairo University President witnesses the conference opening at Faculty of Nursing, on Tuesday, December 19. It is attended by faculty members of Egyptian nursing faculties, physicians, and employees in health care, besides students of B.Sc. and postgraduate studies.

Acting Dean of Faculty of Nursing and Chair of Conference Warda Youssef said that the conference activities will shed light on the importance of interdisciplinary research in education and practice regarding the nursing profession. The conference is aimed at founding a platform for suggesting and discussing modern trends and information at global level. It is also aimed at suggesting mechanisms for enhancing inclusive quality for patient care through the exchange of information and experiences and examination of quality and performance strategies to achieve economic feasibility in presenting health care. She pointed out that the conference is looking forward to achieving distinctiveness in nursing education and practice by launching efficiency-based programs.  

Faculty of Nursing Vice-Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research and Secretary-General of the Conference Abeer Saad Zaghloul said that the conference is aimed at emphasizing the concept of efficiency-based nursing education and providing communication opportunities among providers of health care and education performance. The conference discusses some important themes over two days including clinical curriculum, efficiency-based education, new specialties in nursing, interdisciplinary specialties in nursing, student research projects, contemporary issues in nursing, and professional partnership and relations.

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