Cairo University Center for Languages and Translation Presents Courses for All

Cairo University Center for Languages and Translation Presents Courses for All

 Cairo University Center for Foreign Languages and Professional Translation announces courses in languages and translation, human development, and computer. The courses presented by the center include training courses in English, French, Deutsch, Spanish, and Italian, besides specialized courses in literary, legal, political, and economic translation.

The center presents all educational services and training courses for all whether pupils, students, graduates, or employees, besides special programs for children during summer vacation. The center also allows the opportunity for the elders to join its different training courses.

The Manager of Center for Foreign Languages and Professional Translation Amany Badawy said that the center receives more than 7, 000 learners in all training courses around the year. She pointed out that the center is developed at all levels whether at the level of halls and labs renewals and equipping them with modern technology devices, or developing new courses to train students and qualify them for labor market. Its development also covers helping graduates and researchers to complete their study by training them to pass TOEFL exam and training them to write theses and scientific research. The center development includes the center terrace coordination.

The foreign languages and translation center is inaugurated in October 1997 to achieve some goals including working on becoming an example for foreign languages and translation education at both theoretical and applied levels. The center is also aimed at taking the responsibility of belonging to Cairo University to serve thousands of Cairo University students in enhancing their level in foreign languages especially English.

The center accomplished many achievements at the educational, training, and cultural levels throughout 20 years. The activities, programs and projects of the center varied from educational programs and activities to training programs in foreign languages all-inclusive of writing, reading, listening and speaking skills, in addition to translation. Cultural projects include Cairo University Project for Translation and refereed scientific journals of high academic equivalency.

The center organizes the first training forum. It participates in international and local book fairs including Cairo and Sharjah international book fairs.

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Cairo University Center for Languages and Translation Presents Courses for All - Cairo University