Cairo University: ،January Exams for Blended Education Students to Start on Saturday,

Cairo University: ،January Exams for Blended Education Students to Start on Saturday,

 Elkhosht: ،Students Provided with Regular Meetings, E-Lectures, and Print Applications,

Cairo University Center for Blended Education finishes all the arrangements of holding January 2018 exams for the students of blended education accredited by the university as a developed alternative of open education system. Blended education grants professional programs that meet labor market requirements.

Exams are scheduled to start on Saturday, January 20, 2018, and continue until Thursday, February, 1, 2018.

Cairo University President Mohamed Osman Elkhosht said that the university presented Learning Management System »Moodle« this term to train learners and faculty members on using this system and developing their abilities of dealing with new technology givens in blended learning. Moodle is also presented to explain the way of using question-bank based exam, website assignments, digital questionnaire, and chat rooms to train students, develop their abilities to deal with those givens, polish their skills, and strengthen their communication with industrialists, bankers, and professional associations.  

Elkhosht added that Cairo University provides regular face-to-face meetings, e-lectures, virtual classrooms, print applications, and interactive-media based lectures and exams in blended education programs.  He pointed out that blended learning is one of the efforts made by Cairo University administration for transformation into a third-generation university by joining Egyptian state in achieving sustainable development goals.

Cairo University Center for Blended Learning Manager Mohamed Samy said that nearly 1989 students will perform exams in January 2018. He pointed out that exams will be held and fully supervised by faculty members at Educational Building 2 at Cairo University and the center branches all over the republic governorates. He added that exams hall at main headquarter and governorates are equipped with cameras to follow up exams directly from Cairo and achieve highest standards of discipline at exam halls.

Exams schedules and types (essay questions or bubble sheet) are announced for students on their profiles at the center website. Rules and dates of expatriate student enrollment to university hostels will be announced during exams period.

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Cairo University: ،January Exams for Blended Education Students to Start on Saturday, - Cairo University