Concluding Statement of Information Availability Right Conference

Concluding Statement of Information Availability Right Conference

The conference deduced that establishing integrated legislative substructure for information availability databases in Egypt, and engaging university experts of librarianship and archives in establishing legislations of information circulation freedom are urgency.

"The conference's concluding statement affirmed the necessity of specifying the concept of Egypt's national security and its associates in terms of accurate specification of secret information, widening the circle of its viewers, and specifying clear simple procedures of disclosing these secret information", said Dr.\ Sherif Shahin, Head of Librarianship, Archives, and Information Science Department, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University, and Head of the Conference.

Dr.\ Sherif Shahin has illustrated that knowledge availability and information accessibility right is one of the most important human rights acknowledged by international charters and treaties. It is also one of the most important targets sought by Arab Spring Revolutions so as to establish modern democratic systems. He has also pointed out that the countries which are interested in organizing ways of information accessibility have launched information circulation law.

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Concluding Statement of Information Availability Right Conference - Cairo University