Cairo University Announces 19 Researchers Winning University Awards for Year 2014

Cairo University Announces 19 Researchers Winning University Awards for Year 2014

 Cairo University Council has approved university awards donation in scientific research for year 2014 with all of its types (excellence, merit, scientific excellence, encouragement, and invention). Professor Gaber Nassar has announced the names of the winning staff members. With regard to awards of excellence numbering 3 awards, Professor Taymour Mustafa Ibrahim, Faculty of Medicine, has won award of excellence in science field, Professor Abdul-Zaher Mohamed Ali, Faculty of Engineering, has won award of excellence in field of advanced technological sciences, whereas award of humanities field has been withheld.  

In relation to university merit awards numbering 6 awards, Professor Fathy Abdul-Aaty Abdul-Ghaffar and Professor Mohamed Abdul-Gawad Abdul-Salam, Faculty of Science, have won basic science merit award “fifty-fifty”, Professor Hussein Abdul-Haii As-Sayed, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, has won advanced technological sciences merit award. Awards of fields of medical and pharmacological sciences, intra and multi-disciplinary sciences, human and educational sciences, and social sciences have been withheld.

Regarding university awards of scientific excellence numbering 7 awards, Professor Mona Fouad Ali, Faculty of Archaeology, has won human and educational sciences award, Professor Mahmoud As-Said Mahmoud, Faculty of Economics and Political Science, has wan social sciences award, Professor Eman Salah-ed-Din Othman, Faculty of Engineering, has won engineering science award, Professor Abdul-Moneim Mohamed Radwan, Faculty of Agriculture, has won intra and multi-disciplinary sciences award. Awards of field of human sciences, medical sciences, and advanced technological sciences have been withheld.   

Concerning university awards of encouragement numbering 7 awards, Professor Sayed Mohamed Hemeda and Professor Harby Ezz-ud-Din Hasan, Faculty of Archaeology, have won human and educational award “fifty-fifty”, Professor Ahmed Gomaa Mohamed Radwan, Faculty of Engineering, has waon engineering sciences award, Professor Rania Mohamed Mounir, Faculty of Medicine, Professor Ghada Ahmed Abdul-Bary, Faculty of Pharmacy, and Professor Ghada Mohamed Nasr-ed-Din, Faculty of Medicine have won medical sciences award “shared equally”, Professor Hussam-ed-Din Saad El-Beltagy, Faculty of Agriculture, has won advanced technological sciences award. Awards of fields of social sciences, basic sciences, and intra and multi-disciplinary sciences have been withheld.

Professor Ossama Mohamed Mustafa, Faculty of Archaeology, and Professor Hany Abdul- Aziz Ash-Shimy, Faculty of Agriculture, have won university invention award.

Professor Gamal Essmat, Vice President of Cairo University for Graduate Studies and Research Affairs, has confirmed that the university council has accredited the new regulation to develop the arbitration criteria for organizing university awards.

Essmat has also pointed out that the new amendments in university awards regulation included some arbitration criteria and application conditions to keep pace with changes which occur to new research and scientific field, as well as doubling awards values to become 200, 000 EGPs for excellence award, 100, 000 for university merit award, 50, 000 for scientific excellence award, 30, 000 for university encouragement award, and 20, 000 for patent. New amendments start by the next year 2015.

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Cairo University Announces 19 Researchers Winning University Awards for Year 2014 - Cairo University