A Workshop on Practical Solutions of Egypt’s Housing Problem is Organized at Faculty of Engineering

A Workshop on Practical Solutions of Egypt’s Housing Problem is Organized at Faculty of Engineering

 Cairo University, in conjunction with the Johns Hopkins University (USA) is organizing a two-day workshop on the use of light steel framing in residential buildings. The workshop aims at creating awareness and spreading knowledge on LSF resources and capabilities in the society.

The speakers are as the following:

Ben Schafer, Professor and Chair, Civil Engineering Dept, Johns Hopkins University, USA. Professor Schafer serves on numerous technical committees related to cold-formed steel structures, is a past-president of the Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute, and is the current Vice-Chair of the Structural Stability Research Council. He has received a National Science Foundation CAREER Award, the ASCE Collingwood and Huber Prizes, and Teaching Awards.

Don Allen, Senior Engineerr & Marketing at DSi Engineering, Former Technical Director at the Steel Framing Alliance, the Steel Stud Manufacture Association and the Cold Formed Steel Engineers Institute, USA.

George Richards, Principal at Borm Associates, Inc., USA. George is a technical strategist who has been analyzing and formulating design solutions for over 28 years. George has brought his innovations to bear on over 25, 000 homes and buildings worldwide.

Maged Hanna, Associate Professor, National Housing and Building Research Center, Egypt.

Metwally Abu-Hamd: Professor of Steel Structures and Bridges and former Chair in the Structural Engineering Dept of the Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University, Egypt. Dr Abu-Hamd srved as Director of the Civil Engineering Research and Studies Center at Cairo University from 1994 to 2005. He has been a member of the Permanent Committee of the Egyptian Code of Practice for Steel Structures and Bridges since 1984.

Mohammed Badr, Professor of Steel Structures, Housing and Building Research Center, Egypt.

Nabil AbdelRahman, Chairman of the Cold Formed Steel Engineers Institute (CFSEI), Director of Engineering at The Steel Network, USA. He serves as a member of the Committee on Specification and Committee on Framing of the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) and a member of ASCE Committee on Cold-Formed Steel.

Nader ElHajj, Director at FrmeCad Solutions, Former Director at NAHB Research Center, USA. Nader has over 30 years of experience in the design, construction and analysis of building materials.

Zhanjie Li, Post doctoral fellow, Civil Engineering Dept, Johns Hopkins University, USA. Currently he is working as a post-doctoral researcher on US Egypt Cooperative Research: Use of Cold-Formed Steel in (Mid-rise) Residential Housing.

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A Workshop on Practical Solutions of Egypt’s Housing Problem is Organized at Faculty of Engineering - Cairo University