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Stay Fees

1-The monthly fees of stay in the university hostel is decided by a decision of the Supreme Council of Universities after taking the opinion of the University Council and it is currently five pounds per month for accommodation and food in addition to the following:

    20 Pound insurance fee to stay with the establishment of the first month is given at the end of residency at the hostel after deducting what is owed to the city
    8 Pound  annual fee to be paid over eight monthly installments for the maintenance of university cities.
    3 Pound fees of sports and social activity repaid annually and allocated for these purposes for students of university hostel.
    6 Pound fees of hostel tools consumption and reimburse the city annually allocates to renew tools and replace it and take into account when renewing the necessary funds for this purpose.
    15 Pound to improve the service monthly.
    40 Pound restoration of a monthly fee.
2- Post-graduate expatriate student who is registered cultural exchange donation or grant pays fees to be determined by expatriate administration.
3- Students who are authorized to constantly residence during the summer because of summer study systematically should pay the same fees which are paid during the academic year.
4- Student residence in the hostel during the month and the month of termination pays 120 piaster per day up to a maximum fee a month.
5- Food allowance is paid in cash of 60 pounds per day for the student for the period, which he cut off accommodation of the hostel provided that the supervisor is notified beforehand.
6- The exchange of nutrition is stopped for the student who does not reimburse accommodation fees until the tenth day of the month and allows him to constantly residence until the fifteenth day if the fees did not fully terminated his residence and settled upon receivable from insurance. (The observer may be re-recorded in the city if there are grounds for doing so).



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