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On 20/1/2013, PhD thesis,by Youssef Madany Said, entitled "The importance of obtaining a sample of lung in the diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary infiltrations in children with tumors", will be discussed at Pediatrics Oncology, National Cancer Institute, Cairo University. It is supervised by Prof. Dr.\ Loubna Mohamed El-Amin, Prof. Dr.\ Hala Taha Salem, Prof. Dr.\ Maged Mohamed El-Shafei, and Prof. Dr.\ Madiha Ahmed El-wak. Committee of Arbitration and Discussion is composed of Prof. Dr.\ Loubna Mohamed El-Amin, Prof. Dr.\ Mohamed Hany Hussein, and Prof. Dr.\ Laila Metwally Sherif.

Latest News

Dr. Elkhosht: Cairo University’s Egyptian Informatics Journal (EIJ) has risen globally to the level of Q1 (the ‘golden zone’) in the field of artificial intelligence and information systems, according to the impact-factor-based Clarivate ranking.
Dr. Elkhosht announces an increase in the impact factor of the Journal of the Egyptian National Cancer Institute (JENCI), according to Clarivate Analytics CU President: The citation index for 2023 increased by 67% compared to the 2022
CU journal Review of Economics and Political Science makes it into the Q2 level, placing it among the world’s top journals
Dr. Elkhosht: The Cairo University Journal of Veterinary Sciences and Medicine makes it into the golden zone of the best journals in the world for 2024 according to Scopus and Clarivate
Cairo University continues its global progress and ranks 260th globally in the Leiden Ranking 2024

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