Cairo University Council Discusses Final Exam Arrangements

Cairo University Council Discusses Final Exam Arrangements

 Arrangements and rules of final exam organization 2015/2016 were reviewed by Cairo University Council in its meeting on Tuesday, April 26, 2016. Final exam arrangements include announcing schedules, place and time of exams to students before enough time, exam control system, equipping and securing exam halls, and providing adequate numbers of proctors and individuals of administrative security. Cairo University Council confirmed that staff members and staff assistants should not travel abroad during exam period until announcing results, except for  a must, and after the permission of the university president. The council stressed that the existence of a subject professor at exam time as a must. Forming special committees for blind students and students with special needs were recommended by the council. The council also recommended commissioning faculty deans in forming emergency committees to follow-up exam progress in their faculties and coordinating with the University Administration to discuss any complaint related to exams. Cairo University Council confirmed the need of providing students with means of comfort during exams which are scheduled to be finished at 1 p.m. during Holy Ramadan to make it easier for students.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed El-Khosht, Cairo University Vice-President for Education and Student Affairs, stated that faculties of Cairo University announced their exam schedules. Faculty of Dar El-Ulum exams start on May 17, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine exams start on May 21, Faculty of Pharmacy exams start on May 14, Faculty of Medicine exams start on May 11. Faculty of Archaeology exams start on May 24, Faculty of Nursing exams start on May 28 and Faculty of Arts exam start on May 28.

Cairo University Council ratified the proposal of Education and Student Affairs Sector regarding the detailed specifications of new exam paper with respect to its form and content. The specifications include exam comprehensibility for all curriculum parts, the connectivity between exam questions and curriculum targets and topics. Exam question distribution among various fields should measure student abilities to innovate, apply, analyze and think critically. Exam should consider gradation in question level and format versification of questions.

The University Council stated the importance of concerning with students with special needs and disability challengers and discussing their demands. The Council proposed appointing general coordinator for disability challengers at Cairo University to be specialized in discussing their complaints and needs and proposing what the university administration should do towards them.

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Cairo University Council Discusses Final Exam Arrangements - Cairo University