Anti-Harassment Unit Organizes First Training Camp for Student Cadres Preparation

Anti-Harassment Unit Organizes First Training Camp for Student Cadres Preparation

Anti-Harassment Unit – Cairo University organized its first training camp for preparing student cadres in the field of combating harassment and violence against woman. The training camp is organized by the unit in cooperation with Ministry of Youth and Sport.

Head of Anti- Harassment Unit Prof. Dr. Maha Elsaid said that 39 students from the unit team who represent Faculties of Law, Commerce, Arts, Nursing, Veterinary Medicine, Agriculture and Dar El-Ulum participated in the camp held last month at Alexandria.

Elsaid added that the camp aims at preparing student cadres in the field of harassment combating and raising awareness of its types, the governing rules of harassment combating and how to make minutes against harassment. Training camps included sessions and workshops on the concepts of diversity, accepting the other, raising awareness of rights and duties of the two sexes and combating the negative image of woman.

Dr. Maha Elsaid pointed out that Anti- Harassment Unit – Cairo University organized a workshop on gender concepts and the history of Feminism Movement at Egyptian Universities. The workshop was held, in cooperation with The Women and Memory Forum, at Conference Hall, at Open Education Center, Cairo University. It handled the explanation of gender concepts and stressing the importance of the role of woman in general field and respecting her. Professors from The Women and Memory Forum and coordinators of Anti-Harassment Units at Cairo University faculties, including staff members and students participated in the workshop.

Anti-Harassment Unit participated in Sham El-Nessim celebrations at Academic Staff Club – Cairo University. The unit held orientation day on the idea of its establishment, targets, policies and activities inside Cairo University.

Anti-Harassment Unit held many activities throughout the current academic year in the field of harassment combating. It gained the appreciation of UNESCO and many Egyptian civil society organizations.

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Anti-Harassment Unit Organizes First Training Camp for Student Cadres Preparation - Cairo University