Cairo University Honors Academic Staff Members who Published their Researches in International Journals

Cairo University Honors Academic Staff Members who Published their Researches in International Journals

Cairo University honored a group of new academic staff members who published scientific researches in the name of Cairo University at the international level during the second half of 2015 in a celebration held on Sunday, December 18, 2016, at Grand Celebration Hall, Cairo University. Cairo University President Gaber Nassar distributed the awards of international publication and certificates of recognition among the researchers who published their researches in global scientific periodicals and journals, with Cairo University Vice-Presidents, faculties Deans, staff members and researchers. Cairo University President said that ،،the growth of international publication rates in the name of Cairo University greatly contributes to enhancing the position of Cairo University in the global rankings of university and keeps its good academic reputation among higher education institutions abroad.,, He also said that ،،Cairo University is greatly attentive to the scientific research system and allocates suitable funding to it.,, He pointed out that ،،the international publication awards are increased from EGP 3,500,000 in 2013 to EGP 12, 500, 000 in 2016.,,

Nassar added that ،،after releasing the exchange rate and pound floating, Cairo University increases the financial value of the international publication awards among staff members and duplicates the financial contribution of the participation of staff members in international scientific conferences.,, He pointed out that ،،Cairo University boosts scientific research without borders.,, Cairo University President said that ،،the university got rid of great difficulties that were being witnessed by everybody.,, He pointed out that ،،this matter passed a short time ago as the university was severely disturbed and was in an unprecedented case of violence and shortage of financial resources and it is obvious that the university have not achieved progress except by financial and administrative reform based on transparency, justice and fairness.,,

Cairo University Vice-President for Graduate Studies and Research said that ،،Cairo University published 8,414 international researches during the last three years.,, He pointed out that ،،the number of the publications published internationally in 2015 reached 2, 103 researches conducted by 903 researchers in all scientific disciplines. The researchers who publish their researches in international journals and periodicals increased because of high impact factor journals that are mentioned in scientific research circles for their good quality and innovation.,, Prof. Dr. Amr Adly added that ،،Faculty of Science at Cairo University occupies the first place in international scientific publication, followed by the medical sector and Faculty of Engineering as nearly 30, 000 researches of Cairo University were quoted during the last three years.,, Cairo University Vice-President for Graduate Studies and Research said that ،،the international publication rate in Cairo University equals 18, 2% of the international publication for the Arab Republic of Egypt, namely; fifth of the state publication. The share of Cairo University publication in the highest 10% of journals was 16.4% which is more than the share of research authorities in Egypt.,,

The presentation of Prof. Dr. Amr Adly concerning the statistics of Cairo University researches is available here

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Cairo University Honors Academic Staff Members who Published their Researches in International Journals - Cairo University