International Conference about Water and Energy in Nile Basin Countries at Cairo University

International Conference about Water and Energy in Nile Basin Countries at Cairo University

In cooperation with Energy Research Center, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, African Studies and Research Institute, Cairo University, holds an international conference about water and energy, entitled "Water and Energy in Nile Basin Countries – Potentials of Integration and Development", from 26 to 27/2/2014, at  10 a.m.

The conference is sponsored by Dr.\ Gaber Nassar, President of Cairo University. It is attended by Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, Minister of Electricity and Energy, some African ambassadors and elite of Egyptian professors and foreign specialists in water and energy field.

Dr.\ Al-Sayed Ibrahim Gaber, Dean of African Studies and Research Institute and Head of the conference, has illustrated that several axes will be discussed for two days; the environmental features of Nile basin countries and their impact on water and energy projects, historical dimensions of international relations and interventions in Nile basin countries, regional and international cooperation in energy and water field in Nile basin countries, international law and energy and water projects in Nile basin countries, cultural dimensions and their role in carrying out projects between Nile basin countries, water security in Nile basin countries, energy in Nile basin countries, integration between Nile basin countries in water and energy field and future of cooperation in water and energy field between Nile basin countries.

The head of the conference has also pointed out the extent of the importance of the conference at the local and the international level. Subjects like water Israeli projects in Ethiopia, Renaissance dam and exchanged operations between Egypt and Ethiopia, suggestion of linking between the Nile and Congo River and other important subject which are related to Nile basin countries will be tackled.

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International Conference about Water and Energy in Nile Basin Countries at Cairo University - Cairo University