Cairo University Forms Committee for Developing Kasr Al-Ainy Hospital

Cairo University Forms Committee for Developing Kasr Al-Ainy Hospital

 Prof. Dr.\ Gaber Nassar, President of Cairo University, has issued a decree of forming committee for developing New Educational Kasr Al Ainy Hospital, revising its references, work system, suggesting mechanisms of hospital advancement, and uplifting efficiency of medical and therapeutic services offered to citizens. Dr.\ Fouad Al-Nawawy, Professor of Faculty of Medicine and first manager of New Kasr Al-Ainy Hospital is the head of the committee. The committee includes in its membership all heads of departments: General Internal Diseases, General Surgery, Anesthesia, Diagnostic Radiology, Critical Care, Clinical and Chemical Pathology, and Cardiology. The committee includes in its membership Dr.\ Wagih Saad Ibrahim, Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Dr.\ Saleh Abdul-Rahman Al-Sheikh, Professor of Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Dr.\ Mohamed Refaat Khattab, Professor of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and expert in Human Development, Said Al-Sayed Hasan, Head of Central Administration for Legal Affairs at Cairo University, and Dr.\ Mohamed Mustafa Radwan and Shadia Abdul-Naeem at General Administration for Financial and Administrative Direction. The committee is responsible for being assisted by experts from inside the hospital or from outside it to achieve its work.


Dr.\ Gaber Nassar has stressed that there is a comprehensive plan for developing university hospitals which are considered the oldest educational and therapeutic hospitals in Egypt and the Middle East. The university hospitals include 17 educational and therapeutic hospitals in all branches of medicine. The plan includes a study of situations of each hospital aiming at uplifting its efficiency and offering best therapeutic services for citizens. Dr.\ Nassar has pointed out that the coming year will be university hospitals year. He said that Cairo University hospitals offer therapeutic service for citizens of all governorates of Egypt where occupancy rates reach about 150 %. There are two main problems face Cairo University Hospitals, namely; lack of security and nursing personnel, this problem has been solved by the Prime Minister who has fixed security problem through Ministry of Interior. Concerning nursing problem, there is now cooperation between Nursing Syndicate, Ministry of Health, and The Technical Institute for nursing to find solutions for nursing problems at university hospitals.  

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Cairo University Forms Committee for Developing Kasr Al-Ainy Hospital - Cairo University