Nassar Reviews Cairo University Hospitals Report during October 2014

Nassar Reviews Cairo University Hospitals Report during October 2014

 Cairo University hospitals receive 92, 000 patients in outpatient clinics during October. Professor Gaber Nassar, President of Cairo University, reviewed the monthly follow-up report of university hospitals performance of October 2014. The report includes statistics and numbers about citizens treatment during this month at Cairo University hospitals; El Manial Specialized University Hospital, Internal Medicine Hospital, emergency, Abu El-Rish Mounira Hospital, Center for Social and Preventive Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Kasr El-Einy Center of Radiation Oncology and Nuclear Medicine, Urology and Nephrology Center, Critical Care Center “First Unit”, Cairo University Center for Urology, Nephrology and Renal Transplantation, Psychological Medicine Hospital, Anti-Addiction Kasr Al-Ainy Hospital, Toxicology Center, El Manial Specialized Hospital.

The report revealed that the total number of reception cases at Cairo University hospitals during October has reached 37, 361 cases distributed among the reception units at the university hospitals. The report has also illustrated that the number of citizens frequented the outpatient clinics of Cairo University Hospitals during October to conduct medical examinations and tests has reached 91, 999 cases. 

The report has shown that the total number of patients during October has reached 17, 533 patients in the internal departments of El Manial University Hospital, Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Abu El-Rish Mounira Hospital,

Internal Medicine Hospital, Emergency Hospital, Urology and Nephrology Center, Kasr El-Einy Center of Radiation Oncology and Nuclear Medicine, National Toxicology Centre, Operations Care, Psychiatric Medicine Hospital, El Manial Specialized Hospital, Critical Care Center “First Unit”.

Different care cases during October has reached 340 cases at El Manial University Hospital, 119 cases at Reception and Emergency Hospital, 39 cases at Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, 315 cases at Critical Care Center “First Unit”, 49 cases at Internal Medicine Hospital, 293 cases at Abu El-Rish Mounira Hospital, and Premature babies cases at Obstetrics and Gynecology hospitals were 156 cases.

The report illustrated that the surgical operations operated at Cairo University Hospitals during October have reached 5346 surgical operations. Dialysis cases have reached 3249 cases. 4897 ultrasonic radiations were conducted to the patients, 3031 binoculars diagnoses, 32,558 normal radiation, 5596 CT scan, 286 magnetic resonance radiations, 1150 therapeutic radiation oncology, as well as conducting 327 cases of brain imaging, 325 muscles imaging, and 380, 922 medical analyses were conducted to patients. 

Nassar, President of Cairo University, has declared that the next meeting of Cairo University Council on December 2014 will discuss the conditions of Cairo University Hospitals, and mechanisms of development plans which have been approved by Faculty of Medicine Dean and General Manager of University Hospitals. He has also added that university hospitals system has experienced obvious improvement during the previous period, and that there are development plans for this system targeting offering better therapeutic services to citizens despite the increase of therapeutic services requests from citizens allover Egypt.

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Nassar Reviews Cairo University Hospitals Report during October 2014 - Cairo University